Gambling Glossary

Action – the amount of money wagered by a player.
Anchor – the player sitting in the last position on a blackjack table before the dealer.
Ante – a term usually used in poker to refer to the first money wagered on a hand.
Baccarat – a card game where the winning hand totals closest to 9 discounting all units of 10.
Bankroll – the amount of money a player has for a gaming session.
Bar the 12 – makes the 12 a push on the Don’t Pass Bar.
Base – Area on the table where most of the bets are made and paid.
Base Dealer – Dice dealer in charge of one of the bases.
Basic Strategy – a mathematically correct way to play blackjack without resorting to card counting.
Betting Limits – minimums and maximums that can be wagered on one bet.
Betting Right – betting on the Pass Line or with the shooter.
Betting Wrong – betting on the Don’t Pass Line or against the shooter.
Blackjack – a card game where the players try to beat the dealer by getting closest to 21 without going over. Also know as 21.
Blackjack Hand – a hand whose total from the first two cards total 21.Box – Area of the dice table controlled by the boxman.
Boxman – the casino dealer in charge of the craps table.
Burn Card – any card placed in the discard rack without being entered into play.
Bust – to go over 21 in blackjack.
Call Bet – a bet made verbally.
Card Counting – a system to keep track of the percentage of high to low cards used in blackjack to reduce the house advantage.
Caribbean Stud Poker – a five card poker game where all players play against the house.
Change Color – to exchange one-color denomination casino chip for another.
Chips – the currency used in casinos to avoid dealing with cash. Also has the advantage of keeping people within a casino as the chips are specific to each casino.
Color Up/Out – exchange smaller denomination chips for larger ones.
Come Bet – a wager placed on the Come Line in craps. Same as the wager on the Pass Line except it is placed after the point has been established.
Come Line – the area on a craps table where the Come Bets are placed.
Come Out Roll – the first roll of the dice or the first roll after a point has been made. This roll establishes the point.
Complete Hand – a poker hand that is defined by all five cards. That is a straight, flush, straight flush, or a full house.
Craps Out – rolling a crap on the Com Out Line (2, 3, or 12).
Carps – dice term for 2, 3, or 12.
Crew – Dice/craps dealers.
Croupier – European term for casino dealers.
Cycle – in video poker it’s the statistically predicted average number of hands dealt per top jackpot, usually a royal flush.
Cut – to divide the deck of cards into two parts.
Cut Card – a hard plastic card used to cut the deck.
Dealer – a casino employee who deals the various games.
Discard Rack – area of the table where the used cards are placed.
Don’t Come Bet – a bet placed on the Don’t Come Bar. Same as the Don’t Pass Line except it is placed after the Come-Out Roll.
Don’t Pass Bet – a bet placed prior to the Come-Out Roll that a 7 will be rolled before a point is repeated.
Don’t Pass Line – area of the table where the Don’t Pass bets are placed.
Dozen Bet – a bet on twelve numbers in roulette. ie 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.
Edge – or house edge, is the casino’s advantage.
Even Money – a pay-off of 1-1.
Expected Return – in video poker it’s the average amount payed back on a particular play for a particular bet.
Face Cards – the king, queen or jack of each suite.
First Base – the first seat nearest the shoe in blackjack.
Five Number Bet – a bet only possible on the double zero roulette games which includes 00,0,1,2,3 and has the highest house edge of 7.89%.
Float – the table bank.
Floorman – a casino employee who is part of the management team.
Full Pay – in video poker it’s usually the best payoff schedule offered for a particular game.
George – a good tipper.
Hit – to take another card.
Hole Card – the dealer’s face-down card.
Horn Bet – a one roll bet that combines the 2, 3, 11 and 12.
Inside Bet – a bet in roulette on a single number including 0 or 00, or any combination of numbers.
Insurance – a side bet in blackjack that’s offered when the dealer’s upcard is an ace.
Let It Ride – a poker game.
Loose/Tight Slots – a loose slot indicates a machine with a higher payout over a period of time. Conversely, tight slots have a lower payout over a period of time.
Non-negotiable – a promotional chip that can’t be exchanged for cash.
Odds – the amount a bet pays. For example 2-1, 5-2.
Off – bets that are not working.
One-Roll Bets – bets that win or lose depnding on the next roll of the dice.
Pallette – the flat paddle used on the baccarat table to gather the cards.
Pass Line Bet – a wager made prior to the Come-Out roll that a point will be repeated.
Payoff Schedule – in video poker it’s the details of the payoffs on the front of the machine. Usually expressed in coins paid for each final hand for each number of coins bet.
Player – a person gambling at a casino.
Point – Dice term for the number rolled on the Come-Out Roll if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.
Press – increasing a bet by double.
Proposition Bet – dice bets on a number combination.
Punter – another term for a player.
Push – a stand off when the dealer and the player have the same total. No-one wins and bets are returned.
Reels – display wheels showing the symbols and usually three or five per machine.
Right Bettor – a person betting on the Pass Line.
Ring Game – a regular poker game rather than a tournament. Can be referred to as a live game because actual money is used rather than chips.
RNG – the random number generator which is a computer chip inside a slot machine. It is constantly generating thousands of numbers every second.
Rock – one who plays very tight in poker. Only raising with the best hands etc.
Seven-Out – rolling a seven after the point has been established.
Shoe – the box in which the dealer places the shuffled cards. Cards are then dealt from the shoe.
Shooter – the person rolling the dice.
Slot Schedule – the details usually at the top of a slot machine detailing the type of machine, denomination and payout details.
Soft Hand – a hand in blackjack that contains an ace valued at 11.
Split Bet – a combination bet across two numbers on the inside of the roulette table .
Stand – to not take anymore cards.
Stickman – the dice dealer who calls the numbers rolled and controls the stick.
String Bet – a bet in which the player doesn’t get all the chips required for the raise in the pot in one motion. Unless they verbally declare a raise, they can be forced to withdraw it, and just call. Why do this? To see the effect on the other players and then possibly raising.
Stud Poker – a poker game with no draw.
Surrender – to give up half the wager before the hand is complete, thus saving half the wager.
Tip – gratuity given to the casino employees.
Toke – also known as a tip.
Token – the casino coins used to play slot machines.
Trips – three of a kind.
Upcard – the exposed card held by the dealer.
Whale – a high roller.
Working – dice term meaning that the bets are in place.
World Bet – a one-roll dice bet on the horn including the seven.
Wrong Bettor – a dice player who bets on the Don’t Pass Line.